Don't Purchase a Moldy Home

Don't Purchase a Moldy Home

Get a mold inspection in Georgetown, KY before you agree to buy

Every home has damp spaces, and every damp space has the potential for mold growth. If mold develops for a while, it can lead to major health problems and serious house damage. With mold testing from HomeTech Inspections & Renovations, LLC, you can know if your next home has a mold problem.

Our team can visit any home in the Georgetown, KY region to seek out mold. If we find any mold, we can test it and let you know how much exists. That way, you'll have the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Protect yourself from a bad home purchase with mold testing from HomeTech Inspections & Renovations. Talk to us today to schedule a test.

Professional mold testing

A mold inspection may seem like a large task, you can count on HomeTech Inspections & Renovations to handle the entire process. When you hire us for mold testing, we'll:

  • Visit the home and inspect areas where mold may form
  • Take a sample of the material
  • Use a PRO-LAB test kit to test the material
  • Provide you with detailed results and our recommendations

Mold is a major problem in many homes, and you need to know if it's present in your potential home. Rely on HomeTech Inspections & Renovations for mold inspection at any Georgetown, KY home you may consider buying.